Abandon your best friend because it's not cool enough for you.

Next Friend is a 3D platform adventure game where you make dumb caterpillars cry. 

Discover a grotesque and surrealist world. You play as a tiny parasite desperately trying to penetrate a caterpillar. Sadly, each caterpillar is already playing with their best friend, another parasite. To take its place, you have to get rid of it. Roll and jump all along the young caterpillars’ body. Reach its friend and kill it.


In Next Friend, every caterpillar have a parasite and it’s their best friend. You play as one the parasite. One day, you no longer have fun with your caterpillar, so you go elsewhere. You try very hard to make a new best friend, but nobody wants you, because all the caterpillars already play with a parasite. You try to take the place of another parasite to become the next friend of a caterpillar, but you don’t succeed. You simply kill a caterpillar’s best friend. You spread sadness. You are still alone. You keep on searching for a friend.

Key features

  • Meet the 4 dumbest caterpillars and make them cry
  • Explore a grotesque and surrealist world
  • Roll and jump on giant caterpillars in an extreme ball platformer gameplay
  • Resolve weird puzzles where you manipulate the caterpillars’ behavior
  • Enjoy music while you play!
  • Over 1000 liters of tears
  • Over 500 liters of obscure white substance